vinelli Rumbaua-teguibon

Lead Planner + Day-of Coordinator

My name is Vinelli Rumbaua-Teguibon - I know that was long! The last "e" stands for "Experience Everything" which is my motto in life!

I'm the last sister, the other one, the one that usually people don't know existed! With the age gap of 8 & 5 years apart from Sammie Jo and Kim - I was often trying to figure out where I wanted to be. Thankfully, my sisters always showed me the way. :) 

We've always been involved in events - ever since I can remember. It was in 2016 when weddings was something I got to be part of. The biggest thing I heard and continue to hear from a bride is "Who can I trust with one of the most important days of my life?" and I wanted that to be power of threee! We immediately started helping with our friends, then friends of friends, then co-workers then complete strangers from all over the world - from New York to even Singapore. Sometimes I don't even physically meet the couple till days before the wedding. 

It's been an insane roller coaster but at the end of the wedding day - when we know that we were able to help make it memorable - its always worth it!

It's my passion to help couples live their dream weddings whether intimate gatherings or a 5 day wedding - I am always grateful for each couple when they choose us to be part of it!


*Disclaimer - I need updated photos - my hair is definitely to my shoulders!