Kimberly Rumbaua

Decor + Design

My name is Kimberly Rumbaua , one of the e's stands for "Express yourself" which is for me!

I'm often found running around setting up decor and doing the heavy lifting out of threee. I'm passionate about art and it lead me to take a design program to polish my skills.  After my program, I landed a job in the biggest event decor company in Vancouver.  

After paying my dues, I realized I could take what I've learned and team up with my sisters to bring our clients' vision and dreams to life! I've always been the creative one and feel that I get pure joy in putting the pieces together and seeing the end result. We want to make sure our clients know that the sky is the limit! 

If you can think it, we can do it! 

I also love working with children and have been programming for children for 10+ years.  During events it is always challenging to keep the kids entertained.  We provide a fun-filled experience for kids of all ages so that the parents can enjoy just as much!